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Take Your Business to New Heights

Do you feel stretched, overwhelmned, or like you’re running on a hamster wheel? You’re not sure what the next step is… systemisation, automation, or creating the freedom to focus on new opportunities. Need someone to explore your options with?

For the past 15 years I’ve spent supporting business owners, and C-Suite executives to create more time in their day to serve their clients, grow their business, and enjoy their family. Whether you’re needing better systems, additional streams of income, or someone who can talk through the overwhelm, I can help. I will meet you where you’re at, and offer guidance around next steps, how-to’s, and implementation.

It’s time… take a leap and work with someone who can support you to uplevel. You know you’ll be better for it!

Here’s What I Do


Systems Automation

With today’s technology, it can be a challenge identifying the right software to support your business growth, and even more difficult to automate your business processes when you’re caught working in your business, not on it.


eCourses Made Easy

The pandemic gave you an insight into the possibilities of doing business online, and you know you’ve got great content for an eCourse or an online program, however, getting started is the challenge. You don’t know where or how to.


Power Hour

Our time together is yours to ask me whatever you want about business. You can ‘pick my brains’ one one thing – business systems, back office automation, website structure, blogging, ecourse implementation, or online systems.

Nicole’s input shaved hours off my research time

“I enlisted the services of Nicole Graham for an adventure sports business plan and proposal. The entire task was daunting and difficult. I had never made a formal proposal before, let alone gained the approval from regulatory bodies in another country.

Nicole has a lot of experience in creating business proposals, her professionalism and creative flair played a huge part in market research and developing the various strategies needed to launch a new business. Whilst creating the proposal, Nicole was able to offer numerous solutions for areas of the business that I had limited experience in. Nicole’s input shaved hours off my research time and kept my business goal moving in the right direction. I could not recommend Nicole enough.”

Pierre Vinodolac, Pilot and Skydiver

Hi, I’m Nicole!

I’m an expert generalist.

An entrepreneur, a specialist in virtual support and ecourse implementation, and a socially conscious business owner who supports women to create greater work-life harmony.

Following a successful career as an Executive Assistant to C-Suite Execs, and then as a corporate Software Trainer, HR Development Manager, and Facilitator, I have been a driver in using technology to improve work efficiency and provide training.

Lessening the Mind Chatter

Lessening the Mind Chatter

Who can empathise with me? I'm a thinker... I'm often in my head and don't say too much as I feel like I need to figure things out myself. As a business owner, my mind chatter can keep me awake at night, and can be distracting during the day. The chatter varies from,...

Owning Being an Expert-Generalist

Owning Being an Expert-Generalist

When I grew up, I wanted to be a marine biologist. That was the label I was given when I said, “I want to work with whales and dolphins”. I wanted to save them, protect them, and study their behaviours to better understand them. It all came about because in my teens I...

Whether you’re needing better systems, additional streams of income, or someone who can help sort through the overwhelm, it’s time to take a leap.

I can help you take that next big step. Let's talk.

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  • Systems Automation
  • eCourses Made Easy
  • Power Hour

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