My path was never going to be just a straight line connecting A to B to C and so on. I’m multi-passionate and as much as I thought I had it mapped out, the truth was I didn’t. Life is unpredictable, and for that I am grateful. My journey has made my life so rich.

nicole-graham-imageI started out down the traditional business administration route and in my late 20’s moved into the training and development field. While enjoying success in this area, I also felt a strong spiritual calling. With a little prompting from others, I studied; a lot – Mediumship, Reiki, Ka Huna, Sekhem, Lomi Lomi, Tarot, Connecting with the Goddess, Soul Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching. In 2006, after moving to Hong Kong, I developed The Modern Goddess; and created a series of inspirational journals a year later.

My need to assist others on a practical level became a strong, and in late 2009 Bauhinia Solutions was born, enabling my team and I to support small businesses with their administration needs. Bauhinia’s overall success is due to our long term collaboration with clients over the last 4-5 years whereby our service has aided them to grow to the point where they now need full time assistance. It has been truly a pleasure to see the positive difference we have been able to make in our client’s businesses.

In early 2014 I made the connection between the spiritual and business elements and finally understood how I could merge the two to best suit my needs and that of my clients.

Not afraid of change, having lived in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Hong Kong – I now embrace it. My extensive travels and personal journey has allowed me to meet many interesting people, and I have learned a lot about myself and others along the way. Looking back, it never occurred to me that it would be possible to do what I do now, however the reality is I wouldn’t have been ready. I needed the journey to enable me to learn and accomplish in order that I could share my teachings with others.

I am very excited about the inception of my business programs for spiritually minded practitioners. I have been heading in this direction for quite a while and it was truly an ‘aha’ moment when I arrived.

Thank you for being a part of my exciting journey and I look forward to sharing my next chapter with you all.

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