From Offline to Online!

eCourse Implementation.
There are a number of elements to consider when moving a service or program from face-to-face delivery to offering completely online.
If I think back to the ‘online learning’ programs my team and I implemented in 2003/2004, and even though the learning management system was clunky and the images were very amateurish, we were ahead of the curve.

At the time we were solving a problem – there was an immediate need and it provided a long-term solution. I’m proud to say, we won two training and development awards (State and National) based on our innovative and technology-driven initiatives.

Today, the eCourse market has exploded. And for good reason. The reality is that the audience for these courses is constantly growing as more and more people discover the ease, joy and benefits of online learning. However, creating an online program that sells is not easy, nor is it ‘easy money’.

It seems simple from the outside: scan your existing training manual, schedule a couple of Zoom calls, create a Facebook group, and send a few emails. Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam! You’ve got yourself an e-Course.

Unfortunately, the reality is, you will not have long-term success, and truthfully, that’s what you need. Therefore, it is essential for your course to stand out.

Doing it right is the key! Successful online teachers know that it’s not just the topic, but the instructor’s personality, teaching style, course structure, and community that help create a successful course that leaves participants raving.

This is how we help. Rather than you get bogged down in the logistics of launching an eCourse, we guide and support you through the process along with implementing the technologies you need. This allows you to focus on creating your signature content and delivering a lot of value. This is important because the value YOU bring to your course, will set you apart, online or off.

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