Sacred Circles

Women meeting in a circle is an ancient practice that is being recaptured and revitalised. Circling is like a support group, but so much more. Generally you meet with an intention and the time together is sacred. Each person commits to participating and treating everyone as equal. Everything that is said and done within a circle comes from a place of love and gratitude. ♥

The sacred circle, thousands of years old, speaks to the hearts of all people.
Step inside, listen, and you will hear Earth Mother calling you. Dolfyn

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{ Full Moon Mandalas and Meditations }

Our Full Moon Mandalas and Meditations encourage you to reflect, visualise and release your wishes out into the universe as a way of manifesting our deepest desires.
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{ Soul Coaching® }

Soul Coaching® is a powerful 28-day digital program of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical cleansing. It includes daily activities, meditations and affirmations.
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{ Reading Circles; An Online Book Club }

Our Reading Circle is an online book club, connecting readers from all around the world. Our book choices are in the genre of business, personal development and creativity. Starts in 2014. Join our mailing list to be notified of it’s launch.

{ Dream Box® Workshop }

This ‘out-of-the-box’ workshop allows you to get your hands dirty and explore your goals. You’ll create a unique, tangible reminder of your vision and direction forward.
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{ Unfolding Your Life® Workshop }

In this workshop you create your very own personal, portable work of art that will serve as a visual reminder of your values, goals, and vision.
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