Unfolding Your Life Vision® Workshop

What’s Next?

This playful, out-of-the-box workshop will help you identify ‘what’s next’ in your life. You’ll gain fresh perspectives about where you’re heading and you’ll learn how to make a simple and unique collaged accordion book. Say good-bye to boring vision boards!

You have full permission to dream big, create passionately, and
craft a plan that makes your heart sing. Jennifer Lee

This is arts and crafts with meaning and mission! Add more creativity and fun by creating your very own personal, portable work of art that will serve as a visual reminder of your values, goals, and vision.

Unfolding Your Life Vision - Bloom

The workshop includes:

  • Exercises to help you get in touch with your values and future vision
  • Guidance on how to put your vision into action
  • Easy instructions on how to make a unique accordion-style book
  • Art supplies
  • Resource list
  • 15-minute follow-up 1:1 coaching call to accelerate your progress

Workshop Details

I do not have any workshops organised at this point in time. To be notified of upcoming workshops, please leave your details below.

What People Had to Say

Unfolding Your Life Vision - Goals

“Letting the creativity flow resulted in something totally unexpected.” – Francisca Hawkins

“The exercise is very powerful in exploring things that matter most in life and creating a visual daily reminder to keep focused on my values and things that are important.” – Lily Wu

“This was great! Now that it’s all wrapped up with a ribbon, it’s like a present to myself.” – Jenny Lapetina


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